March 23, 2011

Painted Wallpaper

After seeing this AMAZING room at Jones Design Company, I bookmarked it and vowed I would do this someday.  Fast forward a few weeks and I saw THIS on Landee See, Landee Do.  Oh my goodness.  I went right over to the craft store and bought my paint.
Here is my practice on a piece of butcher paper with some spare pink paint.  With three boys, I don't use pink in this house very often.  My template is up above there, cut out of cardboard.

Draw your lines with the template all over your wall.

Paint away.

Keep painting.

You are halfway there...

Once you reach the top, enjoy your work.  I love it and my hubby likes it too, which is a big bonus considering he lives here as well.  The kids don't seem to have much of an opinion, which is fine with me.  My inspiration blogs did a much better job than I did, but considering this is the first time I have ever done anything like this, I'm happy with it.  Just don't look TOO close and we're all good.  Overall, it took me about 7 hours from start (practice with pink paint) to finish (putting shelves back up).  Plenty of interruptions and most of the work done at night while the kids were snoozing.  I still need to erase some pencil lines, no biggie.

We have had rain, rain, rain for days on end.  I can't get a great picture yet due to gloomy skies and insufficient lighting in this area.  That will be fixed by my husband soon, he had promised me.  Recessed lighting, here we come.

Still waiting on my file cabinet and my electrical cord organization, so the 100% done big reveal will be coming soon.  And I will make sure the lighting is much better.  I live in California.  The sun has to come out again sometime.

Here is a side shot.  The paint is a metallic/pearl white, which gives it a different sheen depending on your angle and point of view.


Heather said...

LOOOOOVE it. Seriously, it is so cute. I have seen tutorials like this as well- at different sites than the ones you listed- and bookmarked them as well. The ones I saw were done on bedrooms walls. I haven't been brave enough to try it, but I think you have given me the courage to give it a go!

Would you do me a HUGE favor? Would you cut out a copy of the template you used and send it to me? I really like your design, and I have the perfect little wall at the end of a hallway that this project would be perfect for!

I'll email you my address.....

Heather said...

Oh, nevermind- I see that I can print off the template ;0) OH HOW I LOVE IT! I can't wait to do this!

Nici said...

Oh I LOVE this! SO cute!

Anonymous said...

I still can't believe this is paint. It looks exactly like wallpaper. Amazing. You're so gosh dang creative! =o)

Landeelu said...

Wow! Looks great!! It's actually a little therapeutic once you get going, don't you think? That added the perfect little sparkle there in that room. Great job!!

balloongal said...


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