June 13, 2011

Computer Savvy

Self teaching on my computer programs lately.  Here is a design for some kids family reunion T-shirts.

Candy bar wrappers, favors for a yellow/gray wedding.

Loving the projects where I get to try new things on my computer, although it takes me quite a while to figure out how to do some things.  I really need to take a class...wish someone would offer one around here!


Unknown said...

love the candy bar wrappers...do you sell them? I am currently planning my wedding and these would be perfect!

Brittney said...

The gray and yellow ones I made for my friend came out to $.25 per candy bar. That was just the price for the wrapper, not the candy bar itself. If you are interested in purchasing them from me, please leave me a comment with your email and we can chat about what you would like.

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