June 22, 2011

Mario Party: The (cup)Cake

Here he is!  A Mario pixel rendition (cup)Cake!  As soon as I saw this picture HERE, I knew that is what we were doing for the birthday cake.  

Pretty close, right?  And a nod to the original Mario.  Very important.

Mario cake with some friends.

I used some frosting on the bottom of a few of the cupcakes to keep them in place so I could tilt the board up a bit.  The best part about this whole thing is I didn't have to slice and serve.  The table was low enough for the kids to reach and I stood by just in case anyone needed any help.  Mini cupcakes were great too, so they could have one of each color without loading up on sugar.  What other images can I make out of cupcakes....the possibilities!


Angie said...

I love it! So fun!

balloongal said...

Love the pixels. I should try mini cupcakes with my kids. They usually eat the frosting, but not much of the actual cake.

I love my boys said...

What would you say the dimensions of the cuppy cake was inch wise for height and length! I want to see if I can find a cake board and box for it. It's for my son's 5th bday! By the way, you did a wonderful job!!!

I love my boys said...

Following :)

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