June 14, 2011

T-Ball Party Cake

T-ball party tonight.  Barbeque, swimming, and trophies.  I signed up to bring a cake and, since we are the Giants, went with the team logo.  I was inspired by THIS cake, but put my own twist on it.  I used Candy Melts for the orange logo and it worked really well until I stuck the cake back in the fridge.  It started to crack!  I tried fixing it, but at the point I already had piped the black border around it.  Oh well, I don't think the 5 and 6 year olds will give me a hard time about it.

Happy that the season is over, just because it means less scheduled obligations on our agenda.  Next year, is the real deal baseball....we'll see if he wants to sign up in the spring.

1 comment:

Jamie said...

That turned out really cute! I still crack up when I think of you walking up to my house with a tool box filled with cake colors. Crazy girl!

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