June 20, 2011

IKEA Hack: Lego LACK table

My oldest turned 7 last week and I have been wanting to make this Lego table for him for a quite a while.  Saw this idea HERE and decided to make it for a birthday present.  I had an IKEA LACK table that I didn't really have a place for anymore, so that was free.  I ordered 4 green Lego sheets from Lego.com and my husband and I glued them on the table with contact cement.  Those babies are never coming off!  The trick is to use some Legos to hold the four sheets together while you glue, thus ensuring proper Lego alignment from sheet to sheet.  He loves it and has already increased his Lego playtime.

We surprised him with the table by making a Lego cake and birthday message and left it out in the living room for him to discover the morning of his birthday.  Thinking now I need to make some kind of bin or drawer that will fit underneath for all of the Legos...hmmm.


The Tribe of Scott said...

Wow Britt - you ARE AMAZING! What a wonderful idea!! You go Girl!!!

balloongal said...

So awesome.

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