March 22, 2011

Farm Fresh

I recently signed up for a local farmers co-op delivery service.  Once a month, I have fresh produce delivered from the farm straight to my front door.  It's reasonably priced and the food is yummy and fresh.  The best part is you can go online to customize your box each month, in case thy happen to be delivering some things that your family won't eat.  It's not a contract thing, so I can quit whenever I want and I can change the size and/or the food choices whenever I want as well.  If you live in Northern Cali and you are interested in this, leave a comment.  If I refer you, then we both get a small discount!

The asparagus is calling my name.  My favorite way to prepare it can be found HERE.

1 comment:

Heather said...

I have been considering doing this. The one I know of here in UT doesn't deliver to my door unfortunately. I have to go and pick it up Sat. mornings at like 7:45 am. It sounds like a good deal though, and I am hoping it would get us to eat more fruits and veggies- and a bigger variety at that!

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