March 5, 2011

Mini Teddy Bear Cake

My mom recently came for a visit, right around her birthday.  My mom has had the same cake every year of her life: a teddy bear cake.  Normally, it is an 8x8 square body (with the sides cut out for arm/leg definition) and a 8 in round head.  We knew we weren't going to be able to eat a whole cake like that while she was visiting, so we opted for a smaller version.

Body:  mini loaf cake, leveled
Head:  mini cupcake

Cut out two very small squares on the sides of the mini loaf.  You now have two arms, two legs, and a body shape.  Level off cupcake and place at the top for the head.

Frost away.  Shape some scraps for the ears and attach to the head.

Add some embellishments.  You can use mini chocolate chips for the tummy and eyes.  Be creative and Happy Birthday Mama!

1 comment:

The Tribe of Scott said...

The perfect size! The perfect Bear!! Loved it!!

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