March 12, 2011

A New Desk: Before and (almost) After


It's been a great desk/office space.  Tons of storage and closes up if you don't want to look at the mess.  It just doesn't fit with the look I'm going for in my room though.

Remove the desk....

....and have your hubby put in a new one!  

Well, it's not completely done as you can see.  There is a cord issue which I am all over as soon as I can make it back to the store.  The one leg will be replaced by a white wood filing cabinet.  We are ordering it soon and have already placed the desk at the correct height in anticipation of its arrival.  Although not complete, hopefully this gives you an idea of the look I am trying to achieve:  bright, uncluttered, and simple.

And those boxes!  I bought them at Target on clearance for $3 each.  I love them.  They are almost a perfect match to my wall color and they hold all of my office supplies.

A peek inside.  They are lined with a great pattern and the boxes are hinged!  I'm really happy with where we are going with this office space makeover.  More pictures to come when everything is complete.

1 comment:

Jen Wade said...

very CUTE, I want those boxes!! I may have to head to target to see if they have some at mine! I LOVE, LOVE grey!!

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