May 5, 2011

Glass Etched Bowl

Wedding season has arrived the the invitations are rolling in.  I wanted to come up with a fun, personalized gift for the soon to be newlyweds in my circle.

I bought some pretty glass bowls and etching creme.  I had to go to three different stores for the creme, the first two being sold out.  Popular stuff, that creme.  Maybe these brides and grooms will be getting several of these on their wedding day from different guests.....yikes.  Anyway, I cut out the monogram in the font I liked on vinyl using my Silhouette.  The vinyl is sticky on one side, which  makes it perfect for using it as a stencil on the bowl, no taping required and you get a nice crisp seal.  I brushed on my creme with a basic sponge brush, very liberal with the coat.  Five minutes later, I rinsed it off with tap water and removed my vinyl.  Voila!  Thinking of adding some monogrammed kitchen towels....

They are not perfect, but for my first attempt, I am very happy with them.  I hope the recipients are too.  Congrats newlyweds! 


Jamie said...

For weddings we aren't both attending, I will be enlisting your services... this is genius.

Grammie Star Wars said...

I love these etched bowls.

I too want to have some for the weddings, or better yet anniversary gifts ;.)

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