May 24, 2011

Teacher Gifts: Etched Monogrammed Bowls with Apples

My youngest finished his last day of speech therapy preschool today.  My friend came over for an etched glass tutorial, and I ended up making some last minute teacher thank you gifts with her.   Jamie, I really do think you are my crafting BFF.  It's a good thing our husbands and kids like each other because we have too much fun together.  I mean, we would hang out regardless of their feelings, but at least their happy too, right?  Win win win.

Etched glass is hard to photograph.  Shame on me for not taking that Photography 101 class in college.  I monogrammed bowls for each teacher, just like I did HERE, using vinyl cutouts.  I had the leftover vinyl letters from the project and thought they would look good as the front of my card.  Slap that letter on some folded cardstock, cut strips of lunch sacks with some decorative scissors, fill with some apples (I am nothing but poignant with my gift giving), and tie a bow around the whole thing.  DONE!  Less than an hour for both gifts from start to finish. 

Here is me sticking a piece of cardstock in the bowl, trying to get a better picture of the etching.  It shows up a lot better in real life.  You are just going to have to trust me.....OR try it for yourself.   I suggest you do the latter.

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Jamie said...

Yeah for craft nights!

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