May 6, 2011

Library Book Bin

 I started bringing home more children's books home from the library, but was nervous about just sticking them on the shelf with our own books.  I have a very irrational fear of overdue fines at the library.  Those ladies that work there kinda scare me, if I am being completely honest here.

  I decided to make a bin just for library books, thus avoiding the wrath of the librarian squad.  I chose a bin that had low sides, making it possible to see most the books, perfect for catching my little ones attention and luring them in....he he.  I leave it out on my fireplace mantle, very accessible, and my boys are loving it.  My first grader has come home from school the last two days and immediately made for the book bin.  For someone who would rather read than eat or sleep, this is significant and heartwarming.  My baby wants to READ!  YES!

A $7 dollar paper file bin from Walmart, in the office supplies section.  They have several colors.  Cream colored vinyl cut with my Silhouette.  The font is "Albemarle Swash".

1 comment:

Grammie Star Wars said...

I LOVE this!!!

If you tell someone special in Rocklin that I love this, I would be very excited ;.)


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