July 12, 2012

Artist's Palette Cake

This cake was made for an arts and crafts loving 10 year old.

 Started off with a confetti cake leveled and iced with chocolate frosting.

Rolled out some white fondant.

Cut out a shape and shaved down the sides bit by bit until it would fit on the top of the cake.  I just eye-balled it.  Smoothed out any jagged knife cuts with my fingers and some powdered sugar.

Mixed up a few colors for the paint.  I did a thin consistency of frosting and used Wilton gels for the colors.

 I placed the fondant palette on the cake first and then added the paint colors.

 I improvised for my border and combined all my leftover colored frosting into one piping bag fitted with a #22 tip.  The consistency was a little thin, but it ended up looking like dripping paint a bit, which I liked.

Simple and cute.

Made a quick triangle pennant using my Silhouette software and the Waterbrush font.  Used a paintbrush for the pennant's pole.

She loved it!

Happy Birthday, Brenna!

1 comment:

Heather said...

so cute and clever. you are amazing.

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