July 5, 2012

Girls Camp Banner

Our church does an annual Girls Camp for all young ladies ages 12-18.  There is always a theme each year and this time was no exception.  Each group had a fairy tale and we were Beauty and the Beast, our color was gold.  Each group had to make a banner for the mess hall with our name on it.  The font is Black Rose, the banner made from a gold sheet.  We added a rose wherever we could too, cause Beauty and the Beast just wouldn't be the same without a rose.

We also made THESE rings for each of the girls, in red of course.  So easy to do!

We did camp shirts as well, sorry I didn't get pictures of all of this...I didn't get to go up to camp this year, just made stuff for it.  The shirts were black with the word "Beauties" in gold, the same font as above....and of course, a red rose next to the word.  T-shirt vinyl is pretty much the best thing ever invented.

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