July 6, 2012

Baptism Invitations

My son and my cousin's daughter are a month apart in age and will be baptized this week!  We decided to have them be baptized at the same Stake Center, helping family only having to attend one church meeting instead of two.  My amazing friend, Stefanie, took the pictures and I made invites for each in Photoshop.  It took me a lot longer than it should have, but I learned a lot and am getting better with each project.  It's a trial and error learning curve.


Grammie Star Wars said...

Darling and Handsome invites ;.)

AJ said...

Is Dave or Erin your cousin? They are in our ward.

-AJ and Jayne

Brittney said...

Yes! Erin is my first cousin! Didn't know you guys were in the same ward, that's great!

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