June 19, 2011

Family Birthday Bash

Mom:  Hey, buddy.  We are having your cousins over for a family birthday dinner.  We are having cake at your birthday party later in the week.  We can do a different dessert for the family...pie, ice cream sundaes, cookies...what do you want? (aka Mom has made 4 cakes this month already, can I PLEASE have a break?)

Scott:  No, I want a cake.

Mom:  (sigh)  Ok.  What kind of cake do you want?

Scott:  I want a swimming pool cake!

Mom: (picturing everyone with blue food coloring all over their faces and tongues) No, let's think of something else.

Scott:  How about a cake in the shape of a fish?

Mom:  Ok, I think we can do that.....
Scott:  No, Mom!  I know what I want!  An AMERICAN flag cake!

Mom:  (thinking this would be easy).  Sold!  No more ideas!  We are decided!
 Mom runs out of the room before he can change his mind again.

And it was easy.  I didn't even take the cake out of the pan.  Two colors of frosting, plus the original white...stripes and a star tip for the flag's stars.  Done!  Took longer to cool the cake than decorate it.  Thank you, child.  And we are still wondering where the sudden burst of patriotism came from.  

Don't question, just roll with it.  Go USA.

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