June 23, 2011

Mario Party: Invitations

Here's a quick photo I took of Scotty's Mario party invitations.  My amazingly talented, friend, Jamie started teaching me how to play around with Photoshop.  A whole world of possibilities has been opened up to me....and I don't even really know how to do that much on it.  The best part is you design your image, upload it to Costco's photo center, and get them printed there for .13 cents a piece.  I spent less than $2.00 on invitations, including tax.  These were 4x6 prints.  Love Photoshop, love Costco photo center, LOVE Jamie....and I even love Mario, because it made my kid happy on his birthday.

1 comment:

balloongal said...

My husband is going to teach me a few things on Photoshop, too, since I don't do much with it yet, and he does lots. (but I could do lots). Cute invites.

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